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Li Ju 居里牧師

Pastor 牧師

居里牧師出生於中國江蘇,一九九四年夏被主揀選,二零零一年考入中國廣東一所重點大學,二零一六年蒙主呼召,經過半年的禱告等候,二零一七年到美國基督工人神學院(Christian Witness Theological Seminary)深造,二零二零年五月畢業,獲道學碩士學位(Master of Divinity)。二零一七年到美國後在宣聖會(Church of the Nazarene)服侍直到如今。

居傳道被主揀選後,一邊讀書一邊在教會服侍,在大學期間擔任校園福音團契的負責人,畢業後一邊工作一邊在教會服侍,來到美國後加入宣聖會(Church of the Nazarene),現在「頌恩堂宣聖會」(Loving Grace Church of the Nazarene)和「福音傳校園」(Chinese Campus Evangelical Ministry (CCEM))(宣聖會宣教部)任牧師。


Prastor Li Ju was born in Jiangsu, China. He was chosen by God in the summer of 1994 and in 2001 he was admitted to a key university in Guangdong, China. He felt God’s calling in 2016, and after half a year of prayer he started his theological studies at Christian Witness Theological Seminary in the United States. He graduated and received his Master of Divinity in May, 2020. Since his arrival in America in 2017, he has been ministering in the Church of Nazarene to date. 


After Preacher Ju was chosen by God, he began serving in church while studying. During his university years, he was the leader of the campus ministry. After graduating from university he served in church while working. Upon coming to the United States, he joined the Church of Nazarene. Ordained on May 5, 2023, as a Pastor of the Nazarene Church, he is now a Pastor in the Loving Grace Church of the Nazarene and also serves in their Chinese Campus Evangelical Ministry and Missionary Department (CCEM).

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