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Pastor Sam Ng Head Shot.jpg
Pastor Sam Ng 吳偉牧師

Campus Chinese Evangelical Ministry




神感動吳牧師去服侍校園大學生,在大學期間開始在校園團契參與服事。在神學院畢業後,成立了『福音傳校園』事工(CCEM),目的是把福音傳給灣區的華人大學生。現於De Anza學院和Foothill學院服事大學生。



Sam was born in Wu Xi, a city in southern Jiangsu Province in eastern China. When he was 10 years old, he followed his parents to Hong Kong where he continued his high school education. He accepted Christ when he was in high school. He then came to America to continue his college study. Sam was baptized in 1992 at the Chinese Church in Christ and he learned to serve God in this church for many years. Sam received God’s calling to serve in His ministry in 1996 and pursued his theological training at the Christian Witness Theological Seminary in the California Bay Area, and graduated in 2007. He was ordained as a pastor by the Church of Nazarene.


The Lord stirred in him the passion to serve college students on campus, so Sam began his serving in a campus fellowship during his college years. After graduating from his theological seminary school, Sam had a vision to spread the gospel to all Chinese students in the Bay Area and started his Campus Chinese Evangelical Ministry (CCEM). Currently he’s serving many Chinese students in the De Anza College and Foothill College respectively.


Sam and his wife JoAnn were married in 2000. JoAnn is a social worker. They have a son, Jeremiah, who is 17 years old and a junior in his high school. Sam loves food and ice cream, and enjoys gatherings with friends and family.

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