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May 30, 2023

The Invisible Boy


Storybook Description
Brian feels invisible. Nobody seems to notice him or think to include him. His teacher is too busy dealing with his attention-seeking classmates, and his peers don’t invite him to their parties, pick him for their sports teams, or ask him to join in their games. Brian retreats into his imagination. When a new boy (Justin) arrives, Brian notices him being teased for having something unusual in his lunchbox (some Korean Bul-go-gi). Brian leaves Justin a drawing and note, commenting on how good he thought the food looked, and the first foundations of a friendship begin to develop. Justin repays Brian’s kindness by encouraging the other children to include Brian in their games. The story concludes with Brian realising that he’s ‘not invisible after all’.
Lesson Learned
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Related Bible Verse
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After reading the story, and teachings on Leeson Learned and one or two related Bible verses, we play a Closing Video to send the kids away and say Good Night.

Dates are sorted lastest to oldest, e.g. 1 is this week, 2 is week before, etc.

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