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關於我們 About us

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Leading God's People Find Their Way

To Heavenly Father's House

宣聖會頌恩堂(Loving Grace Church)是一間溫馨,熱情,並以家庭為中心的教會和神的家。牧師,弟兄姊妹們張顯主的愛,帶領神的子民回到天父的家。






  1. 以真理建造教會,使她更像神的家。

  2. 信徒同在這家裡,以恩慈彼此服事。

  3. 竭力彰顯主的愛,領人回到天父家。




Loving Grace Church (LGC) of the Nazarene is a warm, welcoming family-oriented church and house of God. Pastors, brothers and sisters at this House live out the love of the Lord and lead God’s people to the Heavenly Father’s house. 


We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational church family providing Sunday Service, fellowship meeting and prayer meeting. We extend the love of God to anyone new to our community, seeking Christ, just starting their new journey of faith, believers in Christ, or simply looking for a house of God to call home.


Pastors, staff and volunteers are excited to care, connect and serve the people of God in a church filled with Loving Grace. We are here to help you with a pleasant faith journey to find Heavenly Father’s house, to grow and mature to be His salt and light to serve people around you.


Our mission: 

  1. Build the church with truth, Make her more like the house of God.

  2. Believers in this house, Serve one another with kindness.

  3. Show people the love of the Lord, Lead them to Heavenly Father's house.

Our slogan

The church is more like home, everyone loves to go home!

同工團隊 THE TEAM 
LGC_2nd Board_200119.png

From left to right, Johnson Chiu, Andrew Wong, Pastor Sam Ng, Li-Teh Teng, Jing Hoi, JoAnn Ng, Amy Cheng, Shaw Huang, May Huang, Wayne Tu, Pastor David Hoi.

200203 LGC Theme Design for SS bulletin.

本堂牧師/傳道人 Meet Our Preachers

David Hoi

Lead Pastor  主任牧師

Fred's ID Picture.jpg
Fred Cheng

Lay Preacher/Sunday School Teacher

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