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Tuesday Bedtime Storytelling and Prayers are specially prepared for children ages 4-10. Carefully reviewed and picked story books with animation are read by teachers specialized in childhood education and development. The moral of the story coupled with key verse from the Bible will be shared with the children. Interactive question and answer and prayer request time are added to share and care for one another as a community. 

Every Tuesday
8:00-8:45 pm

Bedtime Storytelling is conducted via Zoom. Privacy and security are our highest requirements. Registration is required and joining the storytelling time is controlled.

A new book is added every week.

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Christmas Story

“Christmas Story"聖誕的故事

This animated/video story was 1.5 months in the making and would not have been possible without the talents from the kids of our Bedtime Stories and Prayers program, their very supportive parents, the teachers of our Children Ministry,
and other wonderful volunteers.
We welcome all children and adults to join our joyful serving.

Please share the Christmas Story 生的故事 to people you want them to know about the true story of Christmas .
Also view the Charlie Brown Christmas (below) mentioned in the Christmas Story.


Bedtime Stories and Prayers Team
Hoi Si Mo Profile Photo for Zoom.jpg

Jing 師母

Leader, story teller, children caring

Betty Profile Head shot.jpg

Betty Yu

Story teller, selection of story books, script writing, moral of the story and prayer


Sam Tong

 Story teller, children caring

2018 JY Profile Image for Zoom.png

Joseph Yu

Story teller, storybook preparation, animation  and audio/video production

Dear Parents, Sunday School Teachers, Children Ministry leaders,

With the pandemic keeping a lot of kids from coming to church to learn about God, we have been exploring an alternative way to bring God’s Word and Jesus’s teachings to them.

We decided to launch our Bedtime Stories and Prayer Program via the Internet in August 2020. It is designed for children 4-8 years old, but we have had older children who seemed to enjoy the stories too. Our mission is to introduce Jesus and the importance of prayer to them at a young age.

The strategy is to use secular children’s books with teachable values that will appeal to both believers and non-believers alike. The lessons we draw from the stories are highly relatable to their lives and we also weave them into the teachings of the Bible.   

We have recorded stories by reading them ourselves, supplemented by animation and speech bubbles that we added to make the contents more engaging and lively. Lately we have mainly used read aloud children’s books on YouTube that meet our criteria.

Each story ends with a “What can we learn from the story” segment that highlights the teachable lesson, augmented by a Bible verse that imparts a corresponding message.

We then enter into our Prayer Time where kids are invited to make prayer requests for themselves, for people they know or any topic that’s close to their heart. Their requests are blended into a closing prayer about the night’s program, about thanking the Lord and seeking His grace. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the kids and also to model for them how to pray.

We close the program with the reading of the Lord’s Prayer and a closing music video echoing the teachings from the story, ending the program in a joyful and upbeat mood.

A lot of time and effort is put into each week’s preparation and we would like to share it with our bigger church community so that more kids can benefit. Following are story books we have read in the program, starting with the latest. The images on the teaching and the Bible verses are included to help with your storytelling. A link to the author's website is included where available. An Amazon link to support the author’s book sale is also included should you wish to purchase a copy . Some authors have provided supplementary materials for their books such as coloring or activity sheets.

We welcome your comments and feedback to let us know how we are doing, or how we can make it better.

If your church or community is interested in adopting this Storytelling and Prayer Program model, we would like to show you how. Please fill out the form with your request and contact info (email, phone). If you like what we are doing and wish to support our mission, your giving is welcome. Your prayer support is important, and always appreciated. Thank you for your interest in helping to bring our kids closer to the Lord.

I Don't Want to be a Frog

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March 28, 2023

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Nothing to download for this book.
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