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Sharing the blood, sweat and tear of the preparation and production of our praise songs.

Pastor David Hoi (guitar, vocal), Matthew (piano, vocal, digital audio), Jing 師母 (vocal)

(Back) Matthew, Clara (vocal), Jing 師母 (seated)

頌恩堂詩歌敬拜團隊 Praise Team

Hoi Si Mo Profile Photo for Zoom.jpg


Team Leader, vocal

Matthew Leung.png

Matthew Leung

Worship leader, piano, vocal, digital acoustic/audio mixing


Clara Chan

Vocal, piano, harmonizing

Tim Ji Headshot.png

Tim Ji

Vocal, guitar, post-production mixing

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Joseph Yu

Audio/video digital post-processing, trim/split video editing and production for live streaming.



I Will Obey

這首「我願意順服祢」(Betty姊妹譯為I Will Obey)是2007年,台灣一家小型的基督教音樂出版社的作品。你可能在YouTube上都找不到這一首歌。


好的詩歌重新編曲後是要跟人分享,讓大家能在頌恩堂教會的YouTube Playlist裡找得到。也希望你們不只是喜歡「我願意順服祢」這首詩歌的旋律安排,並更細嚼歌詞中的意義,因為歌曲打動心絃,歌詞感動內心。-- Jing師母


This "I Will Obey" song was the work of a small Christian music publishing house in Taiwan in 2007. You may not find this song any more on YouTube.

When I shared the song with brother Matthew, he loved it and said he was going to re-edit it, and I gave him the full freedom to ‘reinstate’ the song. At the same time, we agreed that the song is very suitable for our team member in Hong Kong sister Clara to sing (both the vocal and the harmony). When the soundtrack was ready to be recorded, Matthew brought his violin and played a segment for the song. We recorded not just the audio, but also the video showing how focused he was when playing his violin and saying his monologue. Brother Joseph in the post-production harmoniously mixed Matthew's violin/monologue with Clara's two-part singing, plus the piano also played by Matthew into a new praise song for its debut on the Internet.

Good re-edited praise song is meant to be shared so that anybody can find it in the YouTube Playlist of the Loving Grace Church. I also hope you don't just enjoy the melodic arrangement of the song "I Will Obey" but also ponder on the meaning of the lyrics, because the music moves the heartstrings, but the lyrics move the inner heart. -- Jing

Please share with your friends. Feel free to drop us a word of encouragement or comment using the Contact Us Form. Thank you.


  • Piano playing

  • Violin playing

  • Vocal

  • Multi-track audio and acoustic sound mixing (混音)

Matthew and mixer console.jpeg


  • Guitar playing

  • Vocal

  • Multi-track audio and acoustic sound mixing (混音)

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